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  • About Streetz Soundz Studioz
  • Who can hire our facilities

Streetz soundz studioz is a professional 24 track recording studio with vocal booth based at the MBA Community Building in Stevenage. The recording studio comes with an experienced sound engineer, a 32 channel soundcraft ghost mixing desk, Adam monitors including sub and two AKG C214 microphones, top of the range Apple Mac OSX computer running Logic Pro 9, Reason 4 and FL9. Also access to virus TI Polar, TL Audio valve EQ, Rupert Neve Portico 4053 compressor Fostex CR500 master recorder, Waves plug ins and numerous VST instruments and effects. All stevenage based singers, MC's and musicians are welcome to use our studio.

Streetz Soundz Studioz cater for singer/songwriters, rappers and producers in and around the Stevenage area.  We can provide production for singer/songwriters and rappers and sound engineering for producers.   We canl also record and produce radio adverts and audio for television adverts. We have several packages available. Come and see us at the MBA Community building in Stevenage.