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We are members of the British Cheerleading Association.
Head coach is Tina Powell.
All coaches are N.C.S.S.E (National Council for Spirit Safety & Education) Internationally qualified!
Cheerleading is growing at 60% a year in the UK. The BCA are working hard to get it recognised as a sport in the UK and this should be finalised by the end of this year!

Cheerleading promotes: Fitness, Health and Well-Being, Teamwork, Group dynamics, Problem solving and Relationship building.
Cheerleading skills Arm motions, Jumps, Stunts, Tumbling, Cheers and Chants.
It is also very positive and aswell as lifting young peoples self esteem they make lots of new friends too.
There is an award scheme for 12's and over, and an international coaching scheme for 17's and over.

We have 3 squads:
MBA Honeybeez - aged 5 to 9 years;
MBA Diamondz - aged 10 - 15 years;
MBA Allstars - our competition clubs with squads ranging from 5 years to 24 years in youth and senior sections.
They have competed at regional and international level and are 7 times trophy winners.
All the squads perform in local shows and events and have raised thousands for local charities, including the Mayors Charity Show, Celebrate, Street Dance Extravaganza, Stevenage Day and can be seen this year at many more.
If you are interested in cheerleading, dance or gymnastics and would like to join, or if you would like one of the squads to perform at your event please contact Tina Powell on 07852 242653


HoneyBeez - Ages 5-10.
We train on a Monday evening from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at:
MBA Youth Community Building

£3.50 per session

Diamondz - Ages 10-15.
We train on a Tuesday evening from 7pm - 9pm at:
MBA Youth Community Building

£3.50 per session

MBA Allstars - Ages 5-25.
We train on a Sunday from 4:00pm - 7:00pm at:
HBS Sports Centre
Grammer School Walk

£5 per session


We have delivered cheerleading workshops in the following schools.
St. Vincent De Paul        
Round Diamond
Featherstone Wood    
Peartree Spring Infants and Juniors    
The Leys
John Henry Newman
The Priory