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The MBA Association, is a children and young people’s charity based in Stevenage, has been working in Stevenage, East and North Hertfordshire, Watford and Bedfordshire since 2002 firstly through an outreach and mentoring sports programme and then through youth clubs and informal education workshops using sport, music and media as the vehicle to engage vulnerable young people in positive activities. The MBA mentors have worked in partnership with Stevenage Borough Council, Community Police and Councillors to provide regular youth provision for the local young people held at community centres in the neighbourhood areas of Stevenage.

The charity has also delivered successful outreach programmes in neighbourhood parks and community areas. Programmes such Sports in the Parks Road show, Community Basketball Road show, Skate Park Mentoring Programme and the Cheerleading Programme have seen thousands of children and young people participate in healthy activities underpinned by social mentoring.

More targeted programmes have included working in partnership with HCC Substance Misuse Team to create and deliver the Mentoring Through Music projects, SCORE and the Socially Safe Guide for Girls, which were aimed at young people considered to be at risk of possible substance misuse or gang related crime.

In 2008 we opened the MBA Youth Community Building in The Oval area of Stevenage, the first dedicated youth building in the North of Stevenage, which has an approximate population of 8000 teenagers.

The MBA Youth Community Building is a place where young people aged 5-19 can meet for a variety of activities throughout the week. The MBA mentors are present to guide the young people, the setting is informal with tuck shop, table tennis, pool, tv/dvd chillout area, DJ area, music studio, media suite and meeting/training rooms; the main hall is transformed into a training area for cheerleaders and street dancers 3 evenings a week with safety mats. The building is very popular attracting over 400 members with at least 200 attending on a weekly basis.

The MBA coaches and support workers are positive role models from British and BME origins. Their skills and qualifications which range from sports coaches to music engineers means a diverse range of activities can be offered to the young people that participate in the projects, as well as introducing the young people to positive role models that they can relate to.

Our social enterprise arm has developed to empower young people to become fully involved in developing and running business such as the clothing printing, photo studio and music production from the MBA Youth Community Building.

MBA programmes have also been delivered in primary and secondary schools including basketball and cheerleading lunchtime and after school clubs. The MBA also offer a one to one and group mentoring service and have worked in several schools, offering mentoring sessions. The Nobel school, John Henry Newman School, Heathcote School, The Thomas Alleyne School and Highfield School have all used this service and referred individual pupils to the mentoring service.

Many teachers have commented that the young people accessing the MBA coaching have not taken part in any other sport sessions before, however after their confidence has built within the MBA they very often start attending other sports clubs in the School.

The community sports clubs delivered by the MBA are an opportunity for the members to develop their skills and also play with groups outside of their social circle.

MBA Association’s vision is to advance education, provide leisure and recreational facilities and other supportive programmes (including mentoring) in the interests of social welfare and improving the conditions of life for children and young people by providing a safe and supportive environment and in particular but not exclusively by using sport and related activities which encourage the mental, social, moral and physical development of the young people and enables them to develop their confidence, self esteem, skills and abilities.

Helping socially excluded young people to become successful members of society.


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 Ashley Goldson




  •  Chief Executive and Founder of MBA Association. 
  • Award winning renowned youth mentor and basketball coach.
  • Expert in behaviour management.
  • Inventor or the MBA Social Mentoring Inclusion Programme






MBA Youth Community Building